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hot shit // me
It's time for a change. I want to rearrange my room in the next few weeks and get rid of Alex's huge drafting table and big in my smaller one (with storage). I also need to purge all of this crap that has accumulated in my room. I feel disgusting in here.

Life seems to be looking promising right now...which is nice for a change. But my southwestern omelet bombed and turned into a scramble. Oh well. Still yummy. Especially with Mango Peach juice and fresh strawberries.

Beach on Saturday! I need you ocean air! I need to sit by the water and write! And laugh! And feel 17 again!

Amazing shows coming up this summer...
Milhouse at Evening Muse on June 11th
Portugal. The Man at Cat's Cradle on June 15th
Band of Horses at Neighborhood Theatre on June 17th...

Now, to relax before work this afternoon.

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