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hot shit // me
Here we go again...

Lauren is moving to Asheville with her boyfriend in June, so Mel and I are out another roommate.
Anyone wanna live with two AWESOME girls and a slightly retarded but adorable cat?
We like to talk nonsense and take naps, sometimes make some art and cook unhealthy food.
There is always lots of milk, apple juice, and clam chowder.
Oh, and tons of mac & cheese.
Seriously. We're fun.

And we also have our senior BFA exhibit this coming Monday, the 13th, so everyone should come to UNCC, Rowe Upper and Lower Gallery, to behold lots of naked ladies, drag queens, found objects, birds, jewelry, and lots of kitsch. Live music and homemade food to be enjoyed. 5pm till whenever we decide to leave.
Seriously. Come.


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