That girl with the Sammy Hagar hair.

Oh boy oh boy oh boooooy.
death from above // dfa79
One hour until I start my job at IKEA.
Oh my nerves.

shake those hips // me
I think I may turn this into an art journal of sorts.
Post things I'm working on, resources, and maybe a drawing (or something) a day.
I'm trying to boost myself in my journaling and creativity, and I think this route may help out in that.
I think I need to start writing more too...but that's another day, another blog.
Tonight, I'll just begin my transformation, and bask in the glorious day of history.
Barack the casbah, ya'll.
Tomorrow I go home (after class) to surprise my parents at my mom's store opening.
I'm a good daughter.

(no subject)
hot shit // me
And I'm spending lots and lots of big refund bucks on good shoes and nice jeans for my start at IKEA.

So everyone in Charlotte come visit me in the bedroom showroom once we open. Make my life a little better...but I think the benefits will do an outstanding job with that.

Uh, yeah...
hot shit // me
So I'm alive...I think anyway.
I completely abandoned livejournal for much of the later part of 2008, but decided tonight that I'd just cut back on my friends page mumbo jumbo and clutter. I missed some people and this is the only real contact I have with said people.
I think my wonderful, albeit late (because of me being gone), Christmas card from Jaime is what prompted this return and cleaning spree.
I feel much better now that I have just my essentials and now I will go to sleep peacefully, knowing that all is well in the world of my friends list and livejournal life.

omgz! // me
"Wolf" live @ the village tavern heart stopped when I saw this in person...and I still get cold chills watching it now.


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