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The big blue box.
hot shit // me
So I'm going to be getting Friends & Family passes for IKEA on Feb. 14th. I believe that they are going to be car passes, but I'm not sure how many I will get. Just thought I'd drop that out there. I hope I have to work the morning so my parents will be able to come.

I spent all night the Wednesday dreaming about putting together the Pax Birkeland doors when we really needed the Pax Ardel doors. Because that really happened. And now they sit in As Is, available for a low low low price. Hopefully the Sultan Lerback bed slats I worked on today don't end up in their company.

Putting a gay guy and me on building furniture just doesn't seem smart in some way.

But lingonberries are delicious.

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Damn, how far is Nunavut from North Carolina?! Haha.

It's funny we're both daydreaming about home decoration. I'm moving into a new apartment soon and it's all up to me to decide how to decorate!

When exactly is the IKEA opening? One of the main things I've missed about living in the D.C. area is having IKEA at my disposal!

We open up on Feb. 18th. So close!

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