That girl with the Sammy Hagar hair.

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hot shit // me
It's time for a change. I want to rearrange my room in the next few weeks and get rid of Alex's huge drafting table and big in my smaller one (with storage). I also need to purge all of this crap that has accumulated in my room. I feel disgusting in here.

Life seems to be looking promising right now...which is nice for a change. But my southwestern omelet bombed and turned into a scramble. Oh well. Still yummy. Especially with Mango Peach juice and fresh strawberries.

Beach on Saturday! I need you ocean air! I need to sit by the water and write! And laugh! And feel 17 again!

Amazing shows coming up this summer...
Milhouse at Evening Muse on June 11th
Portugal. The Man at Cat's Cradle on June 15th
Band of Horses at Neighborhood Theatre on June 17th...

Now, to relax before work this afternoon.

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hot shit // me
I got an internship with Creative Loafing. Hell yes. This is what I need to be getting my ass into. Not Swedish furniture. But whatever gives me insurance gets at least some of my dedication.
So this summer I will be compiling concert listings, writing in the music and fashion blogs, and possibly getting some CD/concert reviews published? Maybe even a story. Who knows? Gotta be persistent.

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hot shit // me
Here we go again...

Lauren is moving to Asheville with her boyfriend in June, so Mel and I are out another roommate.
Anyone wanna live with two AWESOME girls and a slightly retarded but adorable cat?
We like to talk nonsense and take naps, sometimes make some art and cook unhealthy food.
There is always lots of milk, apple juice, and clam chowder.
Oh, and tons of mac & cheese.
Seriously. We're fun.

And we also have our senior BFA exhibit this coming Monday, the 13th, so everyone should come to UNCC, Rowe Upper and Lower Gallery, to behold lots of naked ladies, drag queens, found objects, birds, jewelry, and lots of kitsch. Live music and homemade food to be enjoyed. 5pm till whenever we decide to leave.
Seriously. Come.

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hot shit // me
I'm planning on doing a bunch of watercolor/ink portraits on tea stained paper (a la Stella Im Hultberg) using a bunch of Suicide Girls as reference for my Illustration Projects class...a reprisal of this style, only naked:


Oh, I can see the flush in Jamie's cheeks now.

Bring on the naked ladies.

The big blue box.
hot shit // me
So I'm going to be getting Friends & Family passes for IKEA on Feb. 14th. I believe that they are going to be car passes, but I'm not sure how many I will get. Just thought I'd drop that out there. I hope I have to work the morning so my parents will be able to come.

I spent all night the Wednesday dreaming about putting together the Pax Birkeland doors when we really needed the Pax Ardel doors. Because that really happened. And now they sit in As Is, available for a low low low price. Hopefully the Sultan Lerback bed slats I worked on today don't end up in their company.

Putting a gay guy and me on building furniture just doesn't seem smart in some way.

But lingonberries are delicious.


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